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Our latest products

Caspian Solution

It is the only natural product known to cure A.F.B.It also allows for queen introduction into the hive throughout all seasons, with a nearly 100% rate of success. It contains pheromones, stimulating the bees to consume over normal amounts of pollen, resulting in greater amounts of jelly produced, therefore increasing brood production.


Benefits of Honey

Following are some of its health benefits: Contains Antioxidants, Supports Blood Formation, Holds Antimicrobial Activity, Aids in Wound Healing, Treatment for Diarrhea, Treatment for Ulcers, Treatment for Sore Throat, Protects Teeth, Good for Skin, Honey in Food Preservation.


N Chromosome Royal Jelly

Ulcer treatment with N Chromosome Royal Jelly Nearly 100% success in less than a week.

Increasing libido with N Chromosome Royal Jelly Over 99% Improvement.



Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly, the queen of super foods, is a thick, extremely nutritious, creamy liquid secreted by the mandibular glands of worker bees to feed the queen Bee. Royal Jelly is a protein based food which supplies all the B-Vitamins, Vitamin A, C, D, E and K, along with more than dozen key minerals


About Us

Biography of Hossein Yeganehrad

Hossein Yeganehrad founded Caspian Apiaries and developed Caspian Solution. The Yeganehrad family have been successful beekeepers in Iran for over 165 years. Hossein’s grandfather was a seasoned beekeeper and was one of the world’s oldest beekeepers at the age of 105. Beekeeping is a prestigious profession in Iran. Iranian beekeepers have been practising their trade for more than 3,000 years with approximately 350,000 beekeepers and 2 million hives. Honey is highly prized in Iran and in many other countries in the region, while sugar, corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are considered inferior products.

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