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Honey money

Local keeps around 150,000 bees in his backyard.

For Jim Beevers, the insects are a pastime. He supports around 150,000 bees — of the Italian strain — in five acres of land behind his home on the edge of Clovis. Two colonies thrive there, among wild flowers and sage, weaving with purpose from their hives, hidden inside wooden boxes, to fountains of water, to flora and fauna.

“God created a species that is very complex. Each bee in a colony knows exactly what to do. One feeds the babies, one makes honeycombs, one gets water,” said Beevers from inside his home, where books on nature are lined in neat piles on tabletops, under tabletops, beside furniture.


His bees produce 200 pints of honey per year, which Beevers peddles at farmer’s markets for $16 a pint.