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Thank you so much for your inquiry. Let me send a few short answers now and I'll provide more details later if you wish.


  1. I have years of success with Caspian Solution and recent testimonial endorsements from government apiculturalists, bee inspectors, commercial beekeepers and hobbyists in BC and Alberta.
  2. The solution is shipped frozen. If it arrives frozen or partially frozen it can be placed in the freezer and held indefinitely. If it thaws out during shipping it must be used promptly. With some customers I ship just before they are going to use the product.
  3. I have recipe instruction sheets for small and large operations for a variety of different situations (disease control, raising queens, increasing population etc) The Caspian Solution is mixed with various other things that you would normally be feeding your colony (i.e. honey, syrup, pollen etc once again depending on your situation). Don't be confused by the mention of "your situation" that only means what are you trying to do a) eliminate any disease, b) increase population, c) increase overall hive health and move to solid brood formation etc etc. We would need to discuss these details over the phone.
  4. I sell in quantities from one 0.5-liter jar to shipments of 50 to 75 twenty-five liter pails. Other sizes are also possible.
  5. The price is $5 per hive.
  6. Traditionally the best way to ship is by Greyhound and we have shipped all over western Canada. I apologize for not knowing where your bee yard is, therefore, I don't know if Greyhound goes to your area. There are lots of other possibilities.
  7. Caspian Solution is not a pollen substitute. Pollen may be added during your normal feeding regimen. Caspian Solution is a blend of royal jelly, pheromone and other all-natural ingredients that increases the nutrition in the hive and helps with the uptake of honey, syrup or pollen that might be included in a feeding campaign.