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Why is Caspian Solution different than other bee feed/supplement products?

Caspian Solution is the only product available that harnesses the power of three different pheromones - queen, larvae, and drone - that are key to stimulating protein consumption within the hive. Other products provide feed but no stimulation to consume the feed. Caspian Solution, unlike other products, stimulates pollen consumption. As a result, Caspian Solution has various uses. See the Caspian Solution page for a detailed explanation of each use.

Why is Caspian Solution so effective?

Caspian Solution stimulates honeybees to consume large amounts of pollen, a natural source of protein. This boosted consumption leads to an increase in worker bees and production of royal jelly within the hive.

How many different uses does Caspian Solution have?

Caspian Solution can be used for:

  • queen production
  • queen cell production
  • queen introduction year round
  • drone production
  • queen mating
  • increasing brood production and worker jelly production
  • royal jelly production
  • combining populations of bees year round
  • bacterial and metabolic disease control including: AFB, EFB, bacillus cereus, nosema apis, nosema ceranae, other protozoans and amoebas
  • genetic selection
  • larvae method for genetic selection
  • queen cell method for genetic selection